China Mergers and Acquisitions

The Sterling Pacific Group non-exclusively represents several Chinese enterprises and funds in the United States. These firms are actively seeking middle market merger, acquisition and investment targets. Transaction sizes can range from $5 million to $250 million. Chinese buyers and investors are seeking high technology or natural resource firms in the following industries:

  • Optics
  • Photonics
  • Imaging
  • Life Science
  • Clean Tech
  • Steel – Foundries, Electrical Steel
  • Automotive
  • Advanced Manufacturing Equipment
  • Gas
  • Oil
  • Coke
  • Coal
  • R2 Diesel
  • Energy
  • Rare Earth Technologies

Middle Market China M&A Representation

The Sterling Pacific Group represents middle market firms seeking to sell their firms to Chinese buyers. SPG completes sell-side assessments without charging the client and only selects those transactions that are most likely to realize a premium from a Chinese buyer.

Boutique IB China M&A Representation

The Sterling Pacific Group partners with boutique investment banking firms that want to maximize the exposure of their sell-side assignments in China. Through this partnership SPG determines the potential for completing a firm’s sell-side assignments with a Chinese buyer.

Streamlined China M&A Transaction

For transactions suited for the Chinese market, SPG leverages a vast network of relationships and considerable transactional experience to find, access and evaluate Chinese funding sources. SPG uses a cross-border, bilingual team to:

  • Increase purchase price multiples
  • Improve the probability of a closing
  • Decrease overall timing
  • Mitigate risks often associated with a Chinese transaction

What Makes the SPG China M&A Team Better

  • A broad network of Chinese relationships with access to key decision makers across industries
  • Cultural knowledge and linguistic ability to help build relationships and trust with potential buyers
  • Understanding the Chinese government approval process for NDRC, MOFCOM and SAFE
  • Familiarity with decision-making processes inside Chinese firms both private and state-owned
  • Permanent China presence to facilitate regular face-to-face conversations with potential buyers
  • Broad China business experience that helps us interpret, react to and resolve problems

How Does SPG Get Better Results for the China M&A Process

  • Complete in-depth research on the acquirer to understand value proposition, risks, market credibility, sophistication and likelihood of success
  • Introduce Chinese buyers to potential Chinese financing sources and/or strategic partners
  • Use local, city, provincial and central government relationships
  • Work around the clock with operations in both China and the United States
  • Facilitate communication with in-house language expertise